See “Mounting Bracket Information” below for additional ordering information

Manufactured by: Pines RV

Replacement Brand: Dometic

Replacement Models: DM2852, DM2853, DM2862, DM2872, DM2882, DM3862, DM3863, DM4872, DM4873, NDR1062, RM2852, RM2853, RM2862, RM2872, RM2882, RM3862, RM3863, RM4872, RM4873

New unit also available: PN2852

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Optional Install Package

Heating Element, ND-FF, ND-VFK & ND-WT

Mounting Bracket Information

These units are available with 2 different mounting brackets for the gas valve. On the tank of the cooling unit there is a model number. Please specify which model you have (605A, 606A, 805A, 806A). If the tag is not readable look at the bottom of the cooling unit to specify.

605A, 805A
Model: 605A, 805A
606A, 806A
Model: 606A, 806A