With our years of experience in the refrigeration business, we’ve found the best solutions for cooling unit issues. For your convenience, this page shows common problems caused by shipping and simple steps to resolve them. If you can’t find an answer here, our team members are happy to help. Please call us at 260-768-7990 and find a solution today!

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Troubleshooting Tips

Cooling unit does not heat up on back side

Possible Causes

  • Thermostatic may be bad
  • No 12 volt power control connections or contact may be corroded


  • Make sure you have 12 volt power

Cooling unit heats up but doesn’t cool

Possible Causes

  • May have shipping damage
  • Refrigerator not level


  • Make sure pipes are not bent or kinked
  • Level refrigerator

12 Volt power to controls but nothing happens

Possible Causes

  • Controls might be bad or cooling unit might be bad


  • Wire heat element direct to 110 volt source

Pro Tip

The easiest way to pinpoint controls or a bad unit is to wire the heat element directly to a 110 volt source. This bypasses controls. If the cooling unit heats up but still doesn’t cool you might have a bad cooling unit. If you hear a percolating sound the cooling unit is low pressure.

Shipping Damage

The most common type of shipping damage to units is that the pipe is bent out of level. Flip through the photo galleries below to see how to fix this issue on different brands.

Dometic cooling units

In Dometic cooling units make sure fins are level side to side as well as front and back.

Norcold cooling units

Norcold cooling units come with either 1 tab or 2. In the 1 tab models make sure fins are 3 degrees higher on the left side than the right side, but level from front to back. On Norcold models with 2 tabs fins need to be mounted level, not 3 degrees off level.